Plant-Based Meal Planner – Now available!

Want to enjoy delicious and satisfying plant-based meals at home?

Introducing the Plant-Based Meal Planner. It’s got 16 tasty meals that I’ve created and planned out for you. The meals are 100% plant-based, meaning they  contain a wide range of delicious whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and seasonings, with no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy.

It comes as a downloadable PDF, with all the recipes and shopping lists you need.

The meals are divided into 4 weeks – that’s 4 meals per week – and the PDF includes a shopping list to go with each week. All you’ve got to do is head to the grocery store, shopping list in hand, and you’ve got all you need for four satisfying dinners for that week.

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Short tutorial videos guide you through cooking each meal.

This product comes with access to a password-protected website containing video tutorials to accompany each shopping list and each meal. These are videos I’ve made myself, in my own kitchen.

The videos that accompany each meal average 4-6 minutes in length. They orient you to preparation and cooking techniques that will come in handy as you prepare the meals. The shopping list videos review some of the ingredients that might be new to you if you are not accustomed to cooking with diverse ingredients. Those videos run about 7-8 minutes.

Check out the preview video here:


In summary, the Bistro Katie Plant-based Meal Planner PDF + website contains:

  • 16 meals [4 weeks x 4 meals per week]
  • a shopping list for each week
  • all the recipes you need to make each meal
  • tutorial videos for each shopping list and meal, accessible via a password-protected website

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Adaptable serving sizes and very reasonable cooking times to fit your schedule.

Most meals have about 3 servings, with serving sizes ranging from 2-4 servings. However, the recipes are adaptable in that you can double them to serve more people and/or simply bulk up the ingredients to meet your serving size needs.

The average cooking time for the meals is 45 minutes; many take just 35 minutes. If you are new to cooking or unfamiliar with the ingredients, it may take you longer the first time through as you are getting used to new techniques. But as you cook them, you’ll gain familiarity and easily be able to prepare most of the meals in 45 minutes or less.

A wide range of delicious, easy-to-prepare meals. My favorites, actually.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of these descriptions or ingredients, don’t worry, as I explain them all in the recipes and videos, and I offer easy substitution options for ingredients you may not be able to find.

Week A:

  • Penne pasta with veggies and cannellini beans
  • Curried coconut chickpeas and chard with basmati rice
  • West African peanut stew over millet
  • Soba noodle bowl with carrots, greens and tofu

Week B:

  • “Socca” pesto pizza with cashew cheese and a side of snap peas
  • Black bean sweet potato and spinach burritos with avocado-tomato salsa
  • Herbed pintos with bulgur
  • Lentils vinaigrette with lemon-parsley orzo and summer squash

Week C:

  • Barbecue tempeh, mashed sweet potatoes, and green salad
  • Aduki beans, greens, and grits
  • Blackened tofu with tomato-mango salsa, quinoa, and green beans
  • Cajun bean burgers with sauteed spinach and corn-on-the-cob

Week D:

  • Thai green curry with seitan and veggies
  • Red lentil Italiano with farro
  • Jamaican jerk tempeh with veggies and quinoa
  • Chickpea delight with couscous and gourmet kale

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Get your copy today. $30. Ten % of proceeds go to an awesome New Orleans charity. 

This product costs $30 and comes with a guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, just contact me within 30 days of your purchase to let me know you’d like a refund and tell me what about the product didn’t work for you, and I’ll promptly return your payment.

Happily, I’m donating a portion of all the proceeds from the meal planner to a fabulous New Orleans-based charity, the St. Bernard Project. They rebuild homes destroyed in Hurricane Katrina and provide mental health services to those affected by the hurricane and the more recent oil spill. They are a fabulous organization and I’m thrilled to support them through this meal planner.

Here’s what people are saying about the meal planner:

“I just want to thank you for doing the menu/shopping list. I decided to eat vegan starting this last Sunday. I bought your recipes, went to the store with your shopping list that came with the menu and I was set. This really made my transition SO easy and yummy and doable. I’ve cooked three meals so far and all have been delicious! For lunch today (and the leftovers for dinner tonight) I made the West African Peanut Stew over millet….it was to die for! Vegan is definitely NOT boring. Thank you!!!! Looking forward to trying the rest of your recipes I purchased.”

-Jill Harrison, Wife and currently a Stay at Home Mom, Fredericksburg, VA

“Thanks for the planner, it’s made eating healthy much easier! I especially love the weekly shopping list–that made getting started so much easier.  I am slowly making the shift to healthier, plant-based eating and your planner came along at just the right time for me.”

-Elizabeth Varela, Public Interest Attorney, New Orleans, LA

“I’ve been enjoying making these healthy fun dishes this summer. Even my meat eating husband likes them!…Made your Meal Planner chickpea curry last night for a dinner party, was a hit! Tough to satisfy a meat-eater, pescetarian, vegetarian and gluten-free vegan at the same time! :)

-Kristy May Chatelain, Photographer, Brooklyn, NY

“I love the meal planner and shopping list!  I have been back to your site several times to see if you have put out additional meal plans.  I love the convenience of them and it got me to try new recipes that I normally would not have tried.  I have only been a vegetarian for 3 months and starting January 1, 2012 I plan to go vegan.  So your meal plans were a great way for me to step out there and incorporate new foods into my life.  In 2011, I managed to lose 82 pounds and I’m hoping that with the help of meal plans like yours I can continue to keep losing in 2012!  Thanks for all your hard work in putting these together for us and I look forward to more!”

-Denise Norris, Community Work Incentives Manager, Richmond, Indiana

Start cooking delicious, whole foods, plant-based meals today!

It is my sincere wish that this meal planner will enable you to get healthy, delicious dinners on the table with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. I’m so happy to be able to offer it to you now.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the meal planner provides cooking instruction only. For medical advice, you should consult your doctor.