Collard pizza with cauliflower puree and vegan sausage

by Katie on February 27, 2012

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While I feel strongly about having an arsenal of 45-minutes-or-less recipes for weeknights, I enjoy experimenting on weekends with different types of meals that might be a bit more labor intensive. This is one of those meals. If you love pizza like I do, I think you’ll enjoy this one – not just the flavors, but the deep sense of satisfaction you’ll feel when you bite into a pizza you’ve made yourself, from scratch.

A couple quick notes, and then I’d like to get right to the instructions. First, I’m not an expert on things made with flour and yeast, so please take these instructions as advice, not gospel. If you’re not used to working with dough, I can’t guarantee that this will be an entirely smooth process for you. But it is fun, and because homemade pizza doesn’t depend on dough rising perfectly, it’s a good way for non-breadbakers to get their feet (hands?) wet.

I also wanted to acknowledge that, yes, I’m using vegan sausage on this pizza. I typically shy away from store-bought meat substitutes as a general rule. But vegan sausage is the one exception to this rule. I eat it maybe once a month and find it to be a convenient protein source that adds variety to my meals. Tofurkey and Field Roast are good brands of vegan sausage, but you can also make your own as I did here.

Let’s get to it. Your pizza awaits!

Have you experimented with homemade pizza? What are your favorite toppings?

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