April 2011

Seitan tacos with homemade salsa and guacamole

April 25, 2011
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One of the great things about eating a plant-based diet is the discovery of new foods. While not typically seen in the regular American diet, seitan is one way to add even more diversity to a plant-based diet. Seitan is a high-protein food made from the gluten of wheat. Prepared well, it has a texture [...]

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This is what spring looks like

April 18, 2011
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Right now, farmers market shoppers in many areas of the country are going wild for asparagus. I’ve lived here in New Orleans for almost two years and I’ve never seen asparagus at the market. I do miss asparagus season, but I have come to appreciate the many delights of the local offerings here, including the [...]

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Red lentil balls

April 11, 2011
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Sometimes when I go to the farmer’s market – my Tuesday morning ritual, whenever I can make it – I splurge a little on some Turkish food from a vendor called Nur’s. Their baba ganoush is fabulous, but what I really love are their red lentil balls. Any fun and different way to eat lentils, [...]

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How to put perfectionism in its place

April 7, 2011

Since my college days, I’ve found myself drawn to health promotion and health education because having good health is an integral part of our happiness on a day to day basis. It’s why I got a masters degree in public health, and it’s why I write this blog. Ideally, we all want to stay healthy [...]

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Primavera pintos over farro

April 4, 2011
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Frequently, recipe inspiration is born out of resourcefulness. That was the case with what I’m calling “primavera pintos over farro.” I needed to make dinner, fast, and the fresh produce I had on hand (besides my ever-present onions and garlic) amounted to parsley, carrots, and a zucchini originally destined for a zucchini bread that never [...]

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